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DISCLAIMER: I really don't expect anyone who is not a Believer in Jesus Christ to agree with any of what I'm about to prophesy. I am aware that this word of prophecy is not for the unbeliever. It's more for the Believer who professes to their allegiance to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

I woke up heavy this morning. Very to the point of taking several deep breaths as I drove into my office today because what I was feeling was so weighty (a Christiandom term that simply means, HEAVY!) I thought I was the only one feeling this way. So I reached out to my Wife and asked for her prayers. At first I thought, well, perhaps it's tiredness or some level of anxiety about my tasks for the day or the coming weeks. That was until my Wife confirmed that she too was feeling the weight and the heaviness.

It wasn't long until we realized that many of the Prophets of God and prophetic people within our community and even in other communities we know were feeling the same exact thing today. (OK FREAKY AWKWARD, RIGHT?!)

With this knowledge, both my Wife and I agreed to use the rest of the day to pray through what we felt and seek God on what He wanted us to really see, hear, and do about it. After that agreement was made, my Wife was immediately taken to the floor in extreme intercession (prayer). She sent me the scripture: 1 Timothy 4, but still could not fully articulate what she was discerning in the Spirit. After reading it for myself, the floodgates of revelation from God opened unto me.

I wrote back to her:


(FYI: That doesn't just mean those who preach, pray, or prophesy. NO! This word is for every next generation leader who proclaim to be a Believer in Jesus Christ. In other words, if you've got a platform in Entertainment, if people follow you on Social Media, if you are a Leader in Corporate America, if you have a voice in any way, or if you're a leader in your community in any way, or if you're the leader of a family, in your high school, or at your college and you are professing your Christianity...THEN THIS-WORD-IS-FOR-YOU!)

Here's what God says:

In 1 Timothy 4, Paul is talking to young Timothy (whom I had randomly thought about just yesterday actually). I thought about where was Timothy's biological father? He was missing in action. He was never mentioned in the scriptures to my knowledge. Paul had to take him on as a "Son." And Paul walked with him extensively and brought him up in the faith, etc.

SIDENOTE: Let this be a prophecy within the prophecy to the seasoned Leaders. You should be found in place encouraging and admonishing the next generation leaders to stay the course and to not be entangled with strange and foreign things that do not represent God. You should be crying aloud and sparing not, and not worrying about being politically correct. CHRISTIAN WITCHES? SINFUL BELIEVERS? PAGANISTIC JESUS FOLLOWERS? NOT ON YOUR WATCH? The 2 worlds and kingdoms simply WILL NOT MIX! And like Paul, you've got to stand up and tell the next generation of leaders to keep themselves examined.

Ok, I'm back...

Here in 1 Timothy 4, Timothy's "Father in the Faith" is encouraging him to examine himself and what he teaches and how he stewards his walk with Christ before the people. "Examine yourself"...perhaps alluding to looking at yourself like an athlete does to see where they are, their stamina, their wind, their agility, their ability to respond, etc. etc. Paul is saying to Timothy, "Take a physical of yourself and examine your stats. See where you're weak and wax strong through the word."

Why does he encourage Timothy to do this? Why is this even a topic? Father Paul says this to Son Timothy (who represents the next generation) because false teaching was in the land. (AS IT IS AGAIN IN HEIGHTENED FREQUENCY TODAY...Especially in America)

HERE'S THE WORD TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF BELIEVERS: If you're not careful, you could be promoting the same errors as witches, warlocks, demons, and all manner of evil that is being promoted in the land by Culture, ultimately causing harm to yourself and others.

Get this...Timothy was already saved through faith. So his salvation was sure...but his life could be cut down if he engaged in erroneous doctrine and teaching such as mentioned above. Yes!!! Even the saved (THE VERY ELITE) can be fooled on this side of Heaven. And when this is done, it opens you up to the wiles of Satan...and there could be some MAJOR damage done to you and the people who follow you in this error.

"BEWARE! BEWARE YOUNG GENERATION OF WHAT YOU TEACH, WHAT YOU SHARE WITH OTHERS ABOUT THE FAITH, AND WHAT YOU'RE ENGAGING IN AND SAYING IS ME," says God. "It's not me and you, along with those who follow you, are about to be cut down. Your life will be short. Literally. To might want to examine yourself. Make sure everything you're saying, preaching, teaching, promoting, and doing in my name is actually representing me. If not, you'll get caught up in this worldwind I'm about to send. You will not knowingly perpetuate, participate in, or promote PAGANIST RITUALS. And if you didn't know, but found out later, then repent quickly. Move away from it and its doctrine. The grace and mercy of God is only going as far as your knowledge. Once you know, you know." My friends (prophets, intercessors, prophetic people, God's people) this is what we need to be praying for today and in this hour. God's about to sweep through the next generation to ensure that nothing sprouts up in this land again that is foreign to Him. Let us pray that the next generation of Believers be found blameless, spotless, and walking in righteousness. PRAY THIS PRAYER:

Lord God, I have read the words through one of your men of God.

I take heed to this word. And I take it to heart.

And I ask that your Spirit would help me examine myself and see where I stand. Which one am I?

A Believer that is totally sold out to the things of God or a Believer that has my hands in paganist rituals, thoughts, or lifestyles that do not represent you or align with your word (Jesus the Christ).

If I sit in the seat of the latter, then I repent now.

I drop those practice and doctrines.

I stop perpetuating and promoting them by engaging and sharing with others.

And I quickly walk away from that double-life.

I am totally sold out to you!

God cleanse me, wash me, make me new in you, and use me for your glory and your glory only.

In Jesus's name.



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