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The Great Transition | Are You Ready For Heavenly Worship (Rev. 4)

Haven't written in Blogversation in months! With everything's that's been going on with this COVID season, it's been wild! Though I haven't been on my blog, I have released a few thoughts on my socials. But I'm convinced that I write too much and need this blog space to really express all of what I believe the Lord is saying to me. So if you'd oblige me Keep up with Kenyon's Blogversation! Let it be your daily or weekly your online magazine when it comes to what God is saying now. Because I'm going to be intentionally sharing from this space and I'll just post the links to my blogs on my socials.

We, as Believers in Jesus Christ, should take every opportunity to worship and pray as long and as much as we can. This is pure practice and readiness to do that very thing in the Heavenly Temple where we will all soon Ascend & Transition to at the end of this Age (the Grace Dispensation) and right before the 7-Years of Tribulation.

Now, this blog is not to condemn the person who's not spending 12 or 24 hours on your prayer room floor at home. That's not what this is about. To be honest, you can worship and walk in the spirit 24/7, all day every day, as you fulfill your natural responsibilities and tasks. How? By receiving and maintaining a spirit of prayer and worship to God. It's all about the posture of your heart and YES yielding yourself to the beckoning of Holy Spirit when He does call you into concentrated and intentional times of prayer, fasting, and worship that may very well lead to moments where you lose track of time. There have been times where I was so sensitive to Holy Spirit's leading that He literally led me into my prayer room for an entire day as He ministered to me about the love of God. I came out of that prayer time with a whole book that was published just weeks later called The Revelation of Love. John 4:24, one of my favorite scriptures says, "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." We should be living our lives in the Spirit. We should be walking, worshipping, and praying in the Spirit each and every day...all day. I am convinced that this is why much of our current generation still have a thirst and a hunger to actually see God, His miracles, His signs, and even His wonders.

So how do you live in the Spirit? It's simple, yet the hardest for most to do. You must become a lover, seeker, and a dweller of and in the Truth. What is Truth? God's Word? What is God's Word? Jesus the Christ. For He says, "I am the Word." We must become engulfed in the worship, the seeking after, the following of Jesus Christ. For He is the actual doorway into the spirit and the Heavenly Throne Room. Ok. I'm digressing terribly. Let me try to bring this home.

Why am I writing this Blogversation today? It's because I sense we are coming close to the end of the Grace Dispensation. The 7-Year Tribulation is soon to come. Now, when I say this, I do not speak in terms of our human understanding of time. I speak in terms of dispensations as it relates to the spirit realm (that's another blog for another day). But don't freak out. The Tribulation can be in the next 700 years...or it could be within the next 7 days. No man knows, but we as Believers are supposed to be living our lives getting ready for the Great Transition! We don't plan to be here during the Tribulation. We as Christians should be making ready to be in the Heavenly Temple courts worshipping God 24/7. And because of this reality, I believe that now is the time for more worship songs and movements on earth that usher the Believers to their faces and knees for long periods of worship time. For this is the posture and position we shall assume ion Heaven as the Tribulation takes place on earth. We should be getting ready to go home Saints.

My prayer tonight in worship has been, "May we as Believers in Jesus Christ stay postured and ready for the Rapture and immediate transition into the Heavenly courts and Temple; so that we may be found worshipping with our other brothers and sisters in Christ." I've also been thanking God for allowing us to enter in by way of the door as Revelation 4 talks about the Apostle John doing. "Thank you that Jesus Christ is that door by way of salvation, and may we point to the door for so many others who do not know the way right now." Even as I write this blog, I'm super emotional and touched. We should all be making ready as God's Worshippers. Yes, we will be spared from the Tribulation, but we will not escape the constant worshipping of our God around the throne. This is why we love worship, this is why we love 24-Hour Prayer gatherings, prayer chains and brigades, this is why we love to consistently sing and worship during our times of praise and worship. This is why we love our prayer time in the car as we drive through traffic. This is why when we're in our offices working, we look forward to the spirit of God speaking to us about how we can minister to someone in the office or over the phone today. This is why we love discussing Jesus and the Truth that He is every chance we get with whomever we get a chance to. Our spirit is making ready for what's soon to come for the Believers. We're going to be worshipping in Spirit and in Truth with the 24 elders around the throne of God non-stop. I could go on and on about this...but if anyone asks what we REALLY should be doing and focusing on in this hour...the answer should be, "We should be living our lives like we're making ready for our transition to the Holy Heavenly Temple." Yes, while we're down here on earth we have purpose and things to accomplish and fulfill; but honestly if it doesn't help people come through the door of Jesus Christ or help them make ready for what's to come, then it runs the risk of being worthless.

My prayer today is that these next batch of Worship Leaders, Preachers, Priests, Levites, Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would come to the forefront knowing this and I pray that they DO NOT release anything that caters to the people's flesh anymore. The day of catering to people is done. We must acquiesce to the Spirit of God and minister to God in all we do. After all, this is what we'll be doing in Heaven. And I'm convinced that if we cater to God, then He will move and provide what others need on earth during the time that we are here. We've got to release Christ-centered music, sermons, works, and all. Because all of that helps position God's children to get ready for the great transition.

I am weepy because I see now. I see now why God had to put people like me on hold for all these years. I am not built to sing, preach, or do anything that doesn't minister to God first. I sing long, and I flow with His spirit. I can't do cookie-cutter ministry, and I'm not interested in impressing anyone but God. This next wave of Spiritual Leaders have got to become more aware of this type of living.

Perhaps you feel the same as I do. Are you ready? Are you making ready for the Great Transition? Are you teaching others how to get ready?

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