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ROUGH DRAFT: A Revisable Way of Life

By: Kenyon R. Dudley | Date: October 19, 2022

So, I wake up this morning and I have this strong thought that's pulling on me. "Listen to Justin Jones' new podcast." The most recent episode had dropped on Apple Podcasts a few days prior, but I had yet to be able to tune in and see what it was all about. Honestly, I expected nothing less than greatness, but what I heard was more than great. It was phenomenal and the most comfortable place to just be yourself that I've witnessed in a long time.

He starts the season off with a candid conversation with his mom, the incomparable Apostle Kimberly Jones (IYKYK). And in a way that only Justin could do, he sits in his room behind a microphone and has the most comfortable, intellectually and emotionally sound conversation of the year when it comes to the relationship journey of parents and kids. As I went about my morning routine and listened, I could only think one thing,

"Where in the heck was this type of podcast when I was growing up?"

I mean, this whole podcast premise and the talks included allow you as a young adult to have the freedom of speech and the processing of thought within the context of a real relatable God we all hunger to exercise. Even those who are seasoned will find a place for their younger selves to unpack what they've experienced in their past. It's a podcast for everyone. Having strong similarities to Justin, I can relate to needing an outlet like this as a young adult. Though still in my prime and having much more work and purpose ahead of me, I'm so excited to get behind this vision and write about my experience as I listened in to this young(er) man.

Jones and his mother cover a wide array of topics from ministry, life, family, and the ever-evolving journey between a child and their parents. What a cool way to start off the Rough Draft podcast season, and honestly, it's brilliant. You can never go wrong with capturing a candid conversation if you start with your parents or those who actually took the time to steer you and rear you. As they cover these interpersonal themes in a very relaxed, candid, and conversational way you immediately find yourself hanging out in the room with them considering how your relationship with your parents were or weren't, but never sitting in the seat of regret or abandonment. Participating in their conversation in your head while listening, strangely enough brings you into a place of solace because they never not once presented their ideas in a way that made it seem like they have it all together. It's like being invited over to a friend's house and being able to participate in a cool conversation with the family...a conversation that you've always needed. I'm assuming that's why the podcast is called, Rough Draft. PUN INTENDED TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE!

Justin Jones is on to something here! He's about to strike gold with this and it's authentically unapologetically him in this work. I'm hoping that he continues on this journey and shares on every topic he's had the privilege to encounter through experience while on his young adult journey with God.

It's exactly the type of thought-provoking, Word-based, unassuming, unintimidating, and inviting conversations we ALL need today while trying to navigate our everyday lives and our walk with God.

It's refreshing to not only be reminded that we are all a work in progress and God's love, grace, and mercy is right there with us helping us evolve, grow, and come into the fullness of who we were predestined to be; but it's a whole new world of freedom to actually witness someone like Justin so eloquently and effortlessly demonstrate it through words and conversation.

Justin, if you're reading this, I'm looking forward to the evolution of this podcast. Looking forward to you going out on the streets and getting people's candid responses to riveting topics. Popping up at events and hosting your show LIVE with those who are there. I'm looking forward to you bringing some of the dopest and realest people in various industries to the mic to talk about great topics. And most of all, I'm looking forward to the many lives (both young and seasoned) who will be transformed because they've found a room to sit in for at least an hour that will not discriminate, condemn, or beat them over the head with expectations; but rather will subtly and creatively call them into the place of greatness and freedom that God has ordained for them.

To the future my good brother!

Thank you for helping us all become more comfortable with living a revisable way of life by remembering that we're all a work in progress and that this is ok. And why is it ok? Because it's God's hand that holds us and is guiding us into every bit of our promise. #brilliant #podcast #dope #conversations #roughdraft



About Rough Draft Podcast:

Rough Draft is a show all about having honest conversations on navigating life, leadership, faith, creativity, and wellness as gen-z. There can be so many internal and external pressures that cause young people to strive for perfection, but this is a safe space where we can let go of the striving and simply rest in knowing that life is a journey, and we will not always get it right. This podcast isn't a platform for perfect people, because then no one would be on it. We are all just figuring it out, and these conversations will be with leaders, gen-z influencers, family, and friends who are on the journey too. So, join us as we figure it out together.

Take a Listen to the Podcast:

About the Creator & Author of Blogversation:

A Renaissance Millennial: Impacting Millions With Words

Kenyon R. Dudley is the true definition of a renaissance millennial. He is the Founder and a C-Suite Executive of three (3) corporations: Acts Experience Incorporated, DP House Publishers, and Naomi's Connect Technology, LLC. He is also the inventor of the B.E.H.M.T. Program and the I + E = C Method for professional writers and speakers who help brands and businesses make millions. Kenyon has been deemed the “Copywriting King” in the areas of Business, Entertainment, Healthcare, Ministry, and Tech. He has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, promotions, production, and publishing. He is passionate about helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality creative content that engages their target audience. His companies offer a wide range of services, from copywriting and editing to web design and publishing and production content.

Kenyon R. Dudley is most noted today for his e-course, "Copywriting Secrets: Writing That Makes You Millions", which is the perfect way to learn the tricks of the trade and start generating wealth with your words. From learning how to write headlines that sell to crafting the perfect sales letter, this course will have you writing like a pro in no time. And the best part is, it's all backed by Kenyon's proven track record of success. Thousands of people are learning the art of copywriting and how to generate wealth while doing it.

Kenyon R. Dudley is a prolific writer and thinker, and his work has already had global impact. From using his voice to speak to local leaders in the ministry and government in Kenya, Africa to writing content for million-dollar brands in America to coaching public speakers and writers from around the world to use their words to make millions and impact millions; because of Kenyon’s innovative work and methods, businesses and brands everywhere are understanding the power of communication and that the right content is key to their success.

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