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A Letter to "The Gifted": So, You Want to Be Brilliant?

A Letter to "the Gifted" (those who are praying for more ability to tap into the brilliance and genius of Heaven so that you can do great exploits on Earth ):

Thank you all so much for tagging, on Facebook, the names of all the "gifted" people yesterday. These were people that you desired for me to pray a special flow of brilliance and genius over. In order for you to begin to have a clear understanding of what I've prayed over you all, I want to give you a brief exposition, if you would oblige.

The scripture says in Luke 17:21 (NIV): "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Who is that "you" that the scripture is talking about regarding the Kingdom of God being within? It was referring to believers. So the 1st thing that I have prayed for each of you "gifted" souls is that you have found and accepted true salvation through the belief in Jesus Christ and the finished work He did on the cross. And if you haven't, I prayed that you be drawn to this moment of salvation even now as God draws you with His loving-kindness (Jeremiah 31:3).

I believe, according to scripture, that it is only when you have truly accepted salvation through Jesus Christ that the Kingdom of God can and will be made manifest (evident) in your heart because now you're a believer. One must believe in Jesus Christ, truly, first. Then the awareness of the Kingdom of God operating within you comes.

Now here is the litmus test for knowing whether or not you're saved and a believer in Jesus Christ:

Romans 10:9 (NIV): "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

Beloved, it is not enough just to "SAY" you believe...but you've got to believe in your heart. You'll know if you believe in your heart by your actions and thoughts that exemplify pure, unwavering, unadulterated faith in God. I didn't say perfection, I said faith (righteousness).

Now that we have covered in prayer the issue of your salvation (which is your connection to the Spirit and the power of God) it is important to note that within the Kingdom of God, "all these things" are in existence and made readily available for your access and attainment. What things am I referring to?

The Bible says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things will be added," right?

But again, what things are we referring to? The material needs and necessities of life. Those things. Earlier in that same chapter of Matthew 6, Jesus talks about concerns like food, drink, and clothing—basic necessities. These are the "added things" that the scripture is talking about. But what else is included among "these things"? Beloved, I believe that brilliance, genius, ingenuity and other supernatural (spiritual gifts and things) are found among "all these things" that will be added to you after you begin to seek the kingdom of God first. I believe that there is not only a physical inheritance to those who seek the kingdom first, but also a spiritual inheritance there for the taking as well.

So what does this mean for you, "The gifted" who desire to access your brilliance and genius? It means that in order to truly recieve the supernatural brilliance and genius (that's only found in the Kingdom of God), you've got to be plugged into the source of Jesus Christ through salvation, first. It all goes back to your salvation, which is your connection, your alignment with Jesus Christ and the redemptive work that He's done. You can't access the power of electricity if you're not plugged into the power source. It is the same with supernatural things such as brilliance and genius. All these things are found in the Kingdom of God, the presence of God, the very essence and being of God. Apart from Him, you cannot access true brilliance. And if you have accessed any level of brilliance without God, one begs the question of who or what have you tapped into to get it. I can tell you that whatever it is, it's spiritually illegal.

I'll conclude with this...if it's not flowing, then are you really connected to Christ as you "SAY" you are?...The power of Jesus Christ (where supernatural brilliance resides) is always flowing in and out of the Spirit. As a matter of fact, I believe that brilliance is a currency of heaven. Currencies flow. And if you're aligned with the power of the Christ and His power through salvation, and if you are actively seeking (tapping into) the kingdom of God that's being revealed in your heart each day as a result of this salvation, then you'll inevitably begin to tap into supernatural heavenly brilliance that is often unheard of on the earth.

Now I know I've said a mouthful, but I pray you've slowed down long enough to truly read these words and understand what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to you, "The gifted, the called, the chosen," about your next level of brilliance and genius being unlocked and unleashed into your life.

Tonight, I have prayed for your true salvation in Jesus Christ to be secured (your connection to be sure), so that the kingdom would begin to reveal itself in your heart thereafter, and that you would begin to truly experience a flow of the Kingdom currency of brilliance because of your alignment with Christ Jesus through true salvation. And lastly, I have prayed that you would not tap levels and dimensions of supernatural brilliance with the selfish ambition in your heart and mind to do more for yourself or impress others. I have prayed that God would grant you the flow of the currency of Kingdom brilliance so that you can manifest the kingdom of God on earth (meaning, make the world aware of what the Kingdom of God really looks like and feels like).

Again, I know this is alot to read Beloved, but I just wanted you to know what I have prayed and released over you as God's chosen vessels in this hour. It was not enough just for me to say that I've covered you in prayer without you understanding what I've released over you, unlocked in you, and called you into. There's a method behind tapping into the brilliance of God as you can now tell, and I wanted to attempt to give you a basic knowledge and understanding of what that method is.

Now...may you flow and flourish with Kingdom brilliance like never before. Stay the Source.


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