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PROPHECY: The Church & Mass Media




God has allowed the Church to slip into the greatest realm in Culture right now...MEDIA. Though nothing will ever replace the brick and mortar church, though nothing will ever beat gathering together physically and worshiping God, Jehovah. There is a revelation that God has given me concerning this time. THE CHURCH WILL BE ON THE RISE BECAUSE IT HAS NOW SHOWED UP ON THE SCENE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN A GREAT WAY!

Biblical God-ordained Churches who were not able to be heard beyond their spheres and regions are now being forced to Go Live. Did you hear that? CHURCH IT'S TIME TO GO LIVE!!! This is because God has ordained for their spheres to expand and enlarge. More people will hear of them and hear the word of the Lord coming from their lips than ever before. Their followings shall increase because they can be trusted to direct the people to God. CHURCH OF GOD, RESEARCH, READY YOURSELVES, GET CREATIVE STRATEGISTS, COACHES, AND MEDIA MANAGERS ON YOUR TEAM! MARKETING STRATEGISTS, PR AGENTS, ALL OF THEM...I CALL THEM FORTH FOR YOU IN THIS SEASON. It's beyond just going live. You've been called to do a mass and excellent work in the realm of Media! REVIVAL IS COMING TO & THROUGH MEDIA!! CREATIVES! NOW IS YOUR TIME! GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! PODCASTERS! VIDEOGRAPHERS! WEBSITE DESIGNERS! WRITERS! ACTORS! PSALMISTS! SINGERS! MUSICIANS! NEWS REPORTERS AND ANCHORS! And the like...NOW IS YOUR TIME!!!

If the people of the culture and the Church ever needed to hear you, they need to hear you now; but the message will have to be delivered differently for now. MASS MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA, ALL FORMS OF MEDIA is your platform now. Those voices who have been purified, processed, called to the front are emerging...QUICKLY...and they will have to speak via MEDIA platforms. Do you not know? Have you not heard? Can you not see it? Do you perceive it? God's making ways in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. God has given us, His people, the mountain of MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT. I beseech ye therefore CREATIVE BRETHREN find more creative ways to speak the word of the Lord and to release it via MEDIA. And I will even give you a hint. Going Live is not your only form of ministry through media. Seek God and do your research. This is the time we're in. We may not be able to go back into a physical building for a while, but RISE UP! MOUNT THE MEDIA PLATFORMS! Inundate it with God's word and His glory! God was giving me some ideas a few months back. I thought it was just for fun, but now I know more than ever that God was giving me cutting-edge Intel and technology on this epidemic and positioning me to take the mountain of MEDIA. I'm so glad I obeyed and began to move on it. Position yourselves. Get ready to help other ministries do the same as God has shown you. Apostolic Creatives, Prophetic Creatives, Evangelistic Creatives, Pastoral Creatives, and Teaching Creatives ARE EMERGING RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!!


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