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PROPHECY: Get in the Ark



3 weeks ago God spoke to me in my Great Room as my Wife cried out on behalf of the people in our Prayer Room. Her wail filled the house. She begin to cry out and said, "OHHHHH HAVE MERCY OH GOD!" A burden for the people in the earth, especially in America, had come upon her. She later told me that a mass death was coming and that she had to cry out for protection and for God's hand to stop and cover.

I shared with her that as she was wailing I asked Holy Spirit for the meaning of her wail. I wanted to receive a word right then to confirm her wail. The Holy Spirit said to me, "As in the days of Noah Son. As in the days of Noah. GET ON THE ARK! For a great flood and wipe out is coming. GET ON THE ARK! Tell everyone you know to run to the safety of Jesus Christ." Little did we know that we would be in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic a few weeks later. Our spiritual Sons and Daughters, will confirm that this prophecy went forth weeks ago because we were crying out and releasing this word to them via FB Messanger weeks ago.

And the Lord says to whoever is reading this to GET IN THE ARK! You still have time. Grab your families, grab your friends. Tell them of this prophecy and explain to them what God wants to do. God wants to cover and protect those that are His during this time. Introduce them to God through salvation if they are not saved. Begin to do virtual bible studies. Join in on some of the trusted Christian services and resources that's on social media. Now is not the time to distance yourself as you think. You may be physically distant, but now is more time than ever for us to come together in spirit and in the study and worship of God and His word. PULL TOGETHER! GET IN THE ARK! As in the days of Noah!


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