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LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! According to the Gallup Poll, 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged at work. Mental Health America says, “disengaged workers cause massive losses in company productivity – between $450 and $500 billion a year. Hays says, “Only 44% of employees are happy in their current role at work.”

What does this mean?

It means, a heck of a lot of Americans are stressed, angry, unhappy, and dissatisfied with their job. They want more! And could it be that the dissatisfaction of the quality of life for most Americans is directly correlated to the dissatisfaction of their careers or jobs? Strong connection for sure.

I want to help you. May I offer you some advice? You don’t have to be miserable. And you don’t have to make the people at your job miserable because you don’t want to be there, or because you lack enthusiasm or great performance. Let me share with you a few secrets that will get you to the next level in your life, in your career, and even at the current job you’re at now (yes, even if you don’t want to be there, you can turn that around).

I call these 4 secrets, “Kenyon’s Principles of Going to Another Dimension.”

1. Understand the Nature of Levels: To be “on a level” means that you are currently residing and occupying on a certain invisible horizontal plane, space, or degree in your life. For example, you may be on the level of a “Beginner” if you’ve currently just become a freshman in college. You may be on the level of “Mastery” if you have acquired a Masters or a Ph.D. in a certain field. You could also acquire the “Mastery” level if you’ve been executing in a certain area or arena with excellence and extreme productivity for many years, decades even. In order, to go to the next level in any area of your life, including work, you must first be aware of what a level is.

2. Know Which Level You’re On: Once you’ve wrapped your brain around what a level is, then you can sit and ponder a while on what level you’re actually on. This will take some truth and honesty on your part. You have to be honest with yourself. No man has ever promoted in life by being in denial. You know that you’re not a “Master” at Management if you can’t even get to work on time. You know that you’re a “Beginner” if you’ve only worked at the job for 9 days, so stop demanding a raise. It is not warranted at this time. Show yourself approved for it first. Master the level you’re on right now.

3. Know How Levels Work: No one has ever increased, advanced, or promoted without understanding this principle right here! Take a look at the graph below:

A level would be considered the line that is defined as width. The line that is defined as height represents you as a person. Your physical body. The line that is defined as depth represents your depth of wisdom and knowledge. You know, “how deep are you?” How much understanding do you have on this level? Get this, you know that you are ready for the next level when you have gotten too big, too deep, or too tall for the level that you’re currently standing on. Once you have reached your max and you can no longer learn, grow, perform, or even exist where you are, that’s a sign that you have outgrown the level that you’re on. So, what do you do when you’ve outgrown a level? DON’T PANIC! Read #4!

4. Lastly, What to Do When You’ve Realized You’ve Grown to Another Level? This is the principle that I used to mess up a lot, but I think I’ve mastered it now. When you’ve realized that you’ve outgrown a level, don’t just leave the level abruptly without having set it up for the next person coming behind you. Remain integral. You want the next person to succeed. You should never leave a position, a job, a career, or anything without first preparing for your successor. People will respect you and count you as integral for that. And honestly, that’s how you receive favor from the “higher-ups.” Never just leave. Do the work while you’re growing. Prepare for those coming behind you so that when you leave your current level, you don’t leave a mess. If you honor this principle then, Karma! Everything and everybody around you will automatically honor you for that and see you worthy of more growth, promotion, and increase. All of a sudden promotion from everywhere will continuously hit your life.

Tune in next time for Kenyon's Blogversation...

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