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THE PROPHET SPEAKS: The Deep Is Calling - 5 Ways to Accept Your Next Level - Kenyon's Blogversat

DISCLAIMER: What I'm about to say is not for the faint-at-heart or those who do not desire the spiritual things. He or She that has an ear (a spiritual ear) let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying...

So, I'm in church today at Shekinah Glory Tabernacle in Decatur, and I'm listening to a great message by my spiritual father, Dr. Gregory Sherman. And he's talking about "Unblocking the Flow: Rivers Flow Out Of Your Spirit." When he announced his topic, I couldn't help but wonder, "Now, where is he going with this? I think I've heard this preached a thousand times-over already." But, before I knew it, the intention of his message hit me like a ton of bricks in my seat. This was no ordinary message, and it wasn't just my pastor preaching to the congregation. Now, flow with me...

I've been so tired from the hustle and bustle of the past 3 weeks that, honestly, I was going to sleep in this Sunday morning. But the Holy Spirit led me to get up and go hear the Word preached in the congregation. Sidenote: I "Left the Old Church." I left the old legalistic Church, not the chance to fellowship with real folk who love God no matter their flaws or situation.

So, as the man of God spoke and built his case through introduction, I quickly realized that this moment (today) was something special. God was trying to tell me something. Today was about me coming into the realization that the Spirit of God is calling and drawing me to a deeper level Living. No longer can I operate as the old me: handle money the same, do business the same, do ministry the same, communicate with my wife and children the same, or even think the same. As I sat in my seat, I realized that my time is up on the level that I've been on. My past tribulations was simply God preparing me to operate from a deeper place of wisdom, understanding, and grace (which is anointing and ability). Little did I realize it before, but my entire Life was about to transform today.

And so is the Word of the Lord to you.

This is no cliche promise. This is not me pretending. This is no gimmick to make you share or like this blog. And we don't have time for tricks to excite you. God (the Spirit of God) is speaking to you and I. It's important that we hear Him/Her tonight.

If you're reading this blog--perhaps you're like me--you've felt stuck, out of place, or under immense pressure for so long. And you didn't know what to do with yourself or your Life. Let me help you understand what I've just come to realize today.

You last season was preparation. Your last hurt, disappointment, trial, or experience was not to kill you, but to grow you up to the point where you're able to stand in your next level. The Point Is: God has been drawing you to a deeper level all along.

CONFESSION: These past 10 years of my life have been a roller-coaster. In the last 10 years I've seen a cousin be murdered, I've watched as my grandfather took his last breath on his deathbed, I've watched my father decline in his health and now lay on his deathbed, I've lost a son and had to hold his cold body in my hands as his heart stopped beating, I've had to watch my wife push him out in anguish only to know that she would have to give him up just a few hours later. In these past 10 years, I've gotten married to the Love of my Life (J. Dudley, author of "YES In the Dark"), and I've had two wonderful kids who are still living and growing each day. So much has happened, but I realize that it was all preparation for my current level.

It's like travelling through the depths of the ocean. Did you know that the ocean has 5 levels of depth to it? Without making this an oceanography or marine biology course, I'll say this. The ocean is divided into 5 levels and the deeper you travel inside it, the more pressure your feel from the weight of the water. Tons of water weight will bear down on your body as you swim deeper. Not only that, but the deeper you go, the more bizarre-looking sea creatures you'll encounter like animals that can light up, illuminate, and provide their own light. They've acquired this ability only because of the depth in which they reside is without sunlight, so they provide their own. And get this, the deeper you travel into the ocean the colder it gets.

If you're like me, you've probably been experiencing immense pressure, it's probably looked a little dark in your life, and perhaps the people around you have been a little cold. Perhaps death, devastation, or loss has crept into your life someway somehow. But God says, "This is not a sign that your Life is over. This is actually a sign that I was pushing you into a deeper prayer Life, a deeper Life of service and gratitude, a deeper Life of functioning altogether." And just like the picture above, God is growing your spiritual Life immensely in the dark and deep places so that you can survive on top.

No great man or woman has survived at the top of their game, their ministry, at the top of their industry, or as the leader in their field if they didn't first grow strong, big, and deep in their spiritual Life.

The deep is calling you...because you're about to be raised up and put on display at the top of your game!

Don't fight the flow...

So here are 5 Ways to Accept Your Next Level:

1.) Know Where You Are In Life & Why: Go ahead. Face it. Tell the truth about where you are in Life and why. The more honest you are about what you've been experiencing, the quicker you're able to graduate to your next level.

2.) Get Clear On Where You're Going In Life & Why: It's simple. If you haven't taken the time to do your homework in prayer, meditation, and through education then how will you be clear on where you're going and why? You must pray to God for clear and divine direction. And if you don't have a prayer Life, then GET ONE! You must meditate on your next level every chance you get. Visualize yourself running the office, starting that business, getting married, happy, see yourself Living as that millionaire investor. And keep that picture in your mind, keep talking about it, until it materializes. Haven't you heard about the The Secret: Law of Attraction?

3.) Adjust to the New Life: "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson is a good reference that will help with this step.You can't stay in a new place if you refuse to adjust to it's new climate. Going to a new level in your life is like moving to a totally new country with different climate than where you're used to residing. The way of Life is different in Dubai or Switzerland than it is in the southern parts of the United States. ADJUST!

4.) Get Your Weight Up (Adjust to the Pressures of Life On Your New Level): Let's be honest. Going deeper and going to a new level at your job, in your business, or in your ministry sounds nice, right? But the challenge is, many people don't stop to consider the weight and pressure of responsibility that they will have to carry after the promotion. The only reason you've gone through such a roller-coaster of trials, tests, and triumphs in your last season is so that you could learn the new diet of Living on the new level. Maintain and implement the lessons learned in your last season in order to survive right here in your new season.

5.) Shine On Your New Level: This one is easy and I'd say the most FUN! It's simple! The single-most important way you can embrace your new level is by being your absolute best. DO NOT SHRINK! A lot of people, including me, have shrunk back into the hiding places of obscurity, fear, and doubt when God exposes us to a new platform or a bigger level. This is not your time to hold back. GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT! After all, this is what all of your training on your old level was for. RISE TO THE OCCASION & ENJOY IT!

Stay tuned for my next "Kenyon's Blogversation..."

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