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HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: It's time for an Action Plan - Kenyon's Blogversation

92% of Google users like the hit TV drama, How to Get Away With Murder. The hit show has been taking the breath of audiences since September 25, 2014, according to Google. And now the vibrant and brilliant Viola Davis has led the promising team of talent into their 4th Season of intellectual and gritty lies, seduction, testing of limits and the revealing of dark truths. But today's blog isn't about to be a review of the hit show from Shondaland, rather it's a review of all the seasons in your life that you've killed your dreams and buried your promises--directly or indirectly--because of fear and procrastination. Today, we put you under the microscope and the limelight. The autopsy is clear. Your dreams and your visions have been put to death time-and-time again by your fear and procrastination.

Having been a member of the old Church before, I can vouch for this next statement: most Churchgoers live in constant fear about something. But the irony in this is that they're the ones preaching faith. But we quickly forget that faith without works is dead (John 2:14-26, English Standard Version). I was once one of those fakes and abusers. Yes. I called myself an ex-fake and ex-abuser because I've realized that the more I allowed fear to grip my heart and choke the Life out of my dreams, the more I became addicted to low self-worth, my sad and sob story, and my never-ending melancholy drama behind-closed-doors. In the public, I put on this facade of strength, yet backstage I was addicted to pity-parties, and I would often sabotage perfect opportunities because I valued the pity of people more than my success. Oh yeah I'm gonna be REEEAAALLL today!

See today, I too will go under the microscope and show you my old wounds. I can't talk to you about yours without first showing you mine. Success frightened me. Back then, no one in my family or in my circle of friends ever had the amount of success or pedestal I was given access to as a teenager. This often left me paralyzed in fear because I had no guide and no compass. No reference point. I had nothing and no one that I could compare to and I had no example of how to maintain this image of greatness. So I'd often kill my dreams and opportunities just to stay in the arms of familiarity. Why do you think I ended up back here in Atlanta after an amazing opportunity as big as acting on television in Hollywood? I mean, I've met with boardroom execs from major television networks like Disney, auditioned with some of the hottest actors in the early 2000s, and I've even graced stages that some of the biggest names gave me access to. But my fear killed my opportunity to break into what seemed like the frightening unfamiliar.

I'm 27 years old today, and I've grown tremendously. What I know now for sure is that this was God's Grace on my Life, and that it is unloving and unkind to prohibit yourself from experiencing God's Grace: a Life of happiness, wholeness, success, and freedom just because. Back then I couldn't get that, because somewhere deep down I felt unworthy. So I would tell myself lies that would excuse me from the opportunity. I mean, do you even believe the lies that you've told yourself and others? The big lie that I used to rehearse to myself over-and-over was, "I didn't get the part because it wasn't God's plan. I didn't get the callback because it wasn't in God's plan. I got the $10,000 check and not the $100,000 check because it wasn't in God's plan yet. I wasn't ready to receive it yet. I didn't get...I didn't get..I didn't get...because it wasn't in God's plan. I wasn't ready. It wasn't His will." HA! What an absolute joke! I lied to myself...and the more I lied, the more I died. The more my dreams died.

What are some of the lies you're telling yourself? What story are you rehearsing that's killing your dreams and opportunities? "I can't start the business because I have no start-up money. I don't have a girlfriend because I'm just not the committed type. I didn't go after that job because it just wasn't for me. Or, I go to my Church every Sunday because I'm a faithful Christian. That's why I didn't take that position in Rio. My Church needs me." Do you even believe these lies? Best answer is, no you don't. But you oblige to the lies because it's familiar. Modern researches have concluded that most people--yes, even Christians--aren't living their Truth. They lie to themselves and say that their Life is OKAY, but the Truth is that they're unhappy and scared out of their minds about what the future holds. They're scared because somewhere deep down they know that they're on self-sabotaging auto-pilot, and they're too afraid to stop the massacre of their dreams long enough to step into the unfamiliar and the unknown.

But I declare, we are the people of faith. You're darn skippy! WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF FAITH! It's time to serve your fears and doubts divorce papers and mount up on wings as eagles! It's time to soar above the blood that's on the floor. It's time to take the knife out of fear and procrastination's hands. STOP MURDERING YOUR DREAMS! God gave seed to the sower. Your seed is your visions and dreams. If you never plant them, water them, and work them into full fruition it's a slap in God's face.

It's time to take a deep breath--close your eyes if you have to--and visualize yourself outside of fear's grip and walking in your promise. You're frustrated, unhappy, melancholy, and yes moody because you know there's more to you than this. DON'T DIE HERE! Make an Action Plan to get out of the jail of complacency and on the road to actualizing your vision. Then, DO IT AFRAID if you must! But my God, JUST DO IT! Walk it out until Fear, Anxiety, Depression, your Rehearsed Lies, and every other hindrance realizes that you're not stopping for nothing so they may as well die! If ya gone get away with murder, get away with killing your fears, your anxieties, your stress, your lies and such. KILL IT SO YOU CAN LIVE!

That's what I had to do. Now I'm on the road to being the best version of me that God created. Every divine opportunity I embrace. Yes, even in the face of Fear. Instead of slapping God in the face, I'd rather slap Fear in the face because I've missed out long enough. It's time for my dreams and visions to materialize. And yours too...



Stay tuned for my next...Kenyon's Blogverstion!

(the above picture belongs to those who have the rights to ABC's hit drama "How to Get Away With Murder." I do not claim any rights to this logo.)

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