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NO MORE TITHE: Exposing the Spirit of Avarice - Kenyon's Blogversation

"Pay your tithes or go to Hell!" Have you ever heard this saying? Better yet, what about this one? "God wants you to pay your 10% so you won't be cursed with poverty, bad fortune, or even death." Or maybe your pastor says it like this, "You oughta want to give. After all of what God has done for you. You should want to get in this line and give this $100 seed I'm asking you for. Help build God's kingdom. What you make happen for God's house, He'll make happen for your house." Sounds familiar? My friends, these are subtle whispers or grand gestures of manipulation, arrogance, stronghold, and ignorance. All of these words sum up what I believe to be the antagonist to true wealth, health, and prosperity: It's called the Spirit of Avarice. Beloved, I regret to inform you, but you've been deceived. Giving out of necessity or obligation are the days of old. And even then, it is my belief--after extensive research and continued reflection--that these type of ideologies were tactics and strategies taught by religious leaders mostly because of their greed and obsession for control. Avarice. You can see the Spirit of Avarice at work since the days of the old covenant and during the New Testament. It's even what made Martin Luther nail those 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. Yes! Even in the year 1517, religious leaders were operating under the heavy hand of Avarice as they convinced the people that paying a type of tithe would allow them to receive a certificate that pardoned them from their sin and Hell. I know, right? Ridiculous! Okay. Enough of the history lesson. Here's the point: Many have argued the idea that Abraham gave a 10th of tithe to Melchizedek in Genesis 14:19-21, and this is why we as Christians should do the same for our local Church. But it's imperative you realize what was really going on here. Without making this blog an extensive Bible Study, I will say that Abraham CHOSE to give a 10th of all that he had, but it was only because he had been given the victory in battle against the four kings who had captured his nephew Lot. Thus, Abraham was not paying tithe out of his need for God to bless him or save him from a curse. Abraham had not been coerced to pay a tithe at all. Don't miss the three major points in this scripture: 1.) He only gave because he was given an increase, 2.) He chose to give and wasn't manipulated or pressured, and 3.) He wasn't giving because he needed to. He only gave out of tribute and thanks to God for giving him the victory. Most believers and contemporary Christians today have been trained to pay their tithe even when they are lacking or in need themselves. How many times have you given your light bill money or gas money and that was the only thing you had that day? Others pay their tithe just so they can keep the wrath of God off of their house and family. This is where many contemporary pastors and religious leaders have successfully manipulated God's people. They use the scripture, "God will rebuke the devour (Malachi 3:6-12)." They use a scripture in the Prophets section of the Christian Old Testament (Jews argue that the book is apart of the Nevi'ium). First of all, this prophecy was given to the post-exilic people of Israel (after 515 BC) who had bought into the old covenant (which was known as the Law). This prophecy has nothing to do with the new covenant that Jesus came to set in place for believers. But that's a whole other message for another time. The point is, so many people give (or tithe) out of necessity and ignorance. They need something from God, so they tithe. They want protection and provision. They don't want to go to Hell. All of these reasons are nonsense and the "old Church" have done well at supporting this farce. Now although it does take money and other resources to run our edifices, I am not in the business of lying to the people. I don't think I have to manipulate you to give. If I'm really doing the work of the Kingdom, there are generous people who will feel led to donate. Now, am I saying don't give? NOOO! Don't miss the point. I'm saying that you may want to reconsider paying your tithe. You don't have to pay for anything in the Kingdom of God. Jesus has already paid it all. You don't have to pay. NOT EVEN FOR SALVATION OR A PLACE IN GOD!!! It is suggested under the new covenant--the Jesus Christ-way--to GIVE and give freely. My friends, there is a principle that is higher than the Law of Tithe. That principle is called Giving Freely (synonymous to Sowing & Reaping, Seed time and Harvest, or Generosity). The more you make up your own mind to give, when you want to give, what you want to give, and how you want to give the more you activate a return back to you. The reason for the return is because you've subconsciously given freely and as a byproduct result you've opened yourself up to receiving. When you pay something out of obligation that means you're subconsciously shutting down because you don't really want to give. It's just an obligation. And when you've shut down subconsciously, you've closed yourself off to receiving. Nicely put, stop believing the hype. The next preacher or religious leader that damns you to Hell, makes you feel bad, or kicks you out of their Church for not being a tither privately pray against the Spirit of Avarice then school them in love if you have an opportunity. Or simply walk away from the manipulation altogether. You don't have to tolerate it. Be free! But NEVER give out of necessity, under manipulation, or for provision. God already loves you, God has already accepted you, and has freely provided for you this Life and the things in it. Don't be tricked. That's called Grace and Mercy.

I encourage you. Freely give. Don't tithe. It's your choice to activate the principle of sowing and reaping in your Life. No body else's. #NoNeedToTithe #FreelyGive

#Generosity Stay tuned for my next Kenyon's Blogversation...

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