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In "The Burden of a Gift," Kenyon R. Dudley shares his profound and transformative journey of discovering, embracing, and fulfilling his divine purpose amidst the trials and tribulations life threw his way. From his earliest memories of feeling called by God at just five years old, through his experiences of conflict and challenge in expressing his deep spiritual insights within his family and community, Dudley navigates the complexities of nurturing his exceptional gifts in a world that often seeks to quell such bright flames.


This book is not just a memoir; it's a testament to the power of persistence, passion, and faith. Dudley takes readers through his life's pivotal moments, from his early days of preaching and questioning the status quo, to becoming the Founder and CEO of 90° North, an event planning and production business that aims to elevate experiences the right way. Along the way, Dudley faces and overcomes adversity, learning that the gifts we are given can both bring us joy and challenge us in ways we never expected.


"The Burden of a Gift" is an inspiring read for anyone who has ever questioned their path, felt alone in their struggles, or sought to turn their trials into triumphs. Dudley’s story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with faith, resilience, and a willingness to use one’s gifts for the greater good, it's possible to navigate the journey of life with grace and make a significant impact on the world.

The Gift of a Burden

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