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Kenyon R. Dudley's One-Sheet

Kenyon R. Dudley is passionate about helping people get control of their lives, kick fear out the door, and live on purpose. He is a prolific storyteller and creative that tells of the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ through singing, spoken word, drama, and so much more. 


Kenyon R. Dudley, his band, and team of dancers and actors are masters at captivating the audience from beginning to end, entertaining them, while stirring their souls and delivering them to their final destination of personal connection with those in the audience and a spiritual encounter with Christ. 

Fusing Christian Contemporary Music, Pop Music, and Soul with storytelling and musical elements; Kenyon R. Dudley's shows and speaking tours are like none other. 

Notice: Although each event may be fully sponsored by the inviting organization's partners, Kenyon R. Dudley's Management and PR team provides their own promotions and marketing to assist with increasing the venue audience. This aids the organization in having the best event possible. 

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