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Kenyon R. Dudley's HEAL THY WOMAN


Kenyon R. Dudley is bringing his tour to your city! All you have to do is partner.




  • Live Dramatizations of Scenes from the Book 

  • Motivational Speaking/Teaching

  • Prayer & Healing 

  • Book Signing/Meet & Greet


This book and tour is for every woman who is ready to tell the truth about their hurt and ready to heal in the same room and scene as other bleeding women. God has called you all to one room. God is after all of you.


He arrested me in my spirit in my apartment room floor over fifteen years ago now in Los Angeles, and prompted me to write a love story and a love letter of healing to you. 


Hey Woman, on behalf of God, you have been called, wooed even, into the intoxication of His healing. You can heal, and remain healed. I know you don't think so. Some of you may not even want to, right now. You may think that you don't have the time or the energy to deal with it. Nevertheless, the mere fact that you were led to this page says that it is your time and it is your turn to heal. It’s your turn at a better quality of life. It’s your time to divorce all of the drama and marry the best life God has dreamt for you.


Ready, set, Lord, heal thy woman.

Keynote Topics:

  1. "The Lady That Drips" - A Message of Healing for Women

  2. "He Stands In Blood" - A Message for Men & The Women They Love​

  3. "A Wailing Woman" - A Call to Prayer for Women​

  4. "Trapped In A Toxic Love" - A Message to Women

  5. "Battle of the Hearts" - A Message to Women 

  6. "When the Love Is Gone" - A Message to Women About Love & Relationships

  7. "Leading While Bleeding" - A Message of Healing to Career & Purpose-Driven Women

  8. "Grace Wins - A Message of Forgiveness for Women​

  9. and more...

When you book us, please notate on our form which topic you would like for Kenyon R. Dudley to address. 

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Kenyon R. Dudley As Seen On/In: 
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