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Kenyon R. Dudley's ministries are dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Word of God and equipping a community of creative believers for the challenges of the End Times, with a focus on glorifying and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's an overview of his ministries:

  1. MANWORK Network: Comprising over 200 men from around the world, the MANWORK Network is a private Facebook group where men come together to connect online and in person, grow in the Word of God, gain practical wisdom, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on their communities. This network provides a supportive environment for men to strengthen their faith, share insights, and actively engage in meaningful work to better their communities.

  2. Heal Thy Woman Brand: This ministry is inspired by Kenyon R. Dudley's book series of the same name. It is committed to empowering women to find healing, strength, and purpose through faith. The Heal Thy Woman brand encompasses a range of events and resources, including the Heal Thy Woman Summit, Night of Healing gatherings, the Heal Thy Woman book series, and upcoming productions such as plays, films, and television shows.

  3. Acts Experience Movement: This dynamic movement is designed to ignite the creative spirit within believers. It hosts various events and experiences, including Mindcation for Creatives Retreats, which provide a space for creative individuals to rejuvenate, worship, and draw inspiration. Altar Night worship gatherings are also part of this movement, fostering a deep connection with God through worship and prayer.

  4. Kenyon R. Dudley's Seeker's Circle: The Seeker's Circle is an exclusive inner circle within Kenyon R. Dudley's ministry. It serves as a close-knit community of dedicated seekers of spiritual growth and understanding. The circle hosts the Annual Seeker's Summit, an event focused on delving into profound spiritual truths, and the Mindcation for Seeker's Retreat, providing a contemplative space for seekers to explore their faith and purpose.


These ministries collectively aim to build a strong, faith-driven community of believers who are spiritually equipped, creatively inspired, and committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ in the challenging times of the End Times. Through various events, resources, and gatherings, Kenyon R. Dudley's ministries provide the tools and support needed for individuals to grow in their faith and fulfill their divine calling.

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